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Course: Children experience joy in and joy with mathematics

Mathematics is fun at the primary level

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Semester: 5 - Wahlpflichtfach

Social peace


How children can be made to enjoy mathematics and computer science is the subject of this course, which develops methodological and didactic approaches. The course involves developing best practice examples that enable children to have successful, fear-free access to mathematics and computer science and support children with particular strengths in this area in the best possible way in their development. These are reflected upon in direct discussion with pupils.

  • Mathematics doesn’t have to be a dreaded subject
  • Learning opportunities that particularly promote interest in mathematics (e.g. competitions, open tasks, games)
  • Creation of best practice examples
  • Recognise and promote special strengths and talents in mathematics
  • Linking mathematics and computer science in an age-appropriate manner
  • First steps in coding and robotics

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