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Course: Meeting children with an enquiring attitude

Research-based learning – teachers explore aesthetic learning

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7



Cultural pedagogy


This research workshop supports the development and promotion of a research habitus (i.e. as a place for research-based learning and reflection on methods). The inquiring attitude leads to generating and ordering bases for scientific practices and ideas. In particular, the topics and research methods will be discussed using examples in the field of cultural pedagogy, and the students will be encouraged to engage in their own academic discussions. The students learn how to write scientific papers (especially seminar papers, Bachelor’s theses, and later Master’s theses) in relation to their focus areas.

  • Scientific knowledge acquisition for practice (including paradigms and attitudes of science, being familiar with, distinguishing, and reflecting on methods, discussing and designing survey instruments, critically reflecting on research objects, developing questions, planning and carrying out a scientific paper, structure of a Bachelor’s thesis, finding of topics, research questions, literature research, citation).
  • Orientation framework of the researching attitude (including research-led, research-informed, research-based, and research-oriented)
  • Critical examination of scientific findings and their presentation
  • Examination of approaches, studies, and research relevant to the focus "cultural pedagogy" (including developing an attitude towards one’s own cultural and aesthetic education and artistic researching attitudes in cultural pedagogic research and didactics)
  • Reception, analysis, and concept developments in all artistic–aesthetic fields (e.g. visual arts, music, design and crafts, performing arts, and literature)
  • Critical examination of scientific findings and the presentation thereof

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