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Course: Children are gifted

Holistic promotion of giftedness

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Learning coaching


Based on the individuality of learning starting points, students examine educational coaching from the perspective of a holistic view of giftedness. They gain insight into pedagogical diagnostic and support planning under the aspect of inclusion. This builds skills in designing learning environments for difference-sensitive learning. Within this framework, social, linguistic, ethnic, and cultural diversity should be given appreciative and resource-focused attention.

  • Giftedness and life perspective: Locating and screening different areas of giftedness
  • Understanding giftedness education in a holistic perspective
  • Coaching for the development of an individual biographical educational perspective, including practical testing within the framework of a self-responsible project
  • Participation of pupils in the design of teaching–learning processes
  • Design and adaptation of learning environments in order to enable difference-sensitive learning (e.g. Universal Design for Learning)
  • Methods of school-based promotion: overview of evidence-based support programmes in the spectrum of holistic support for giftedness
  • Application and lesson-related evaluation of selected subject didactic support offers in the learning fields of mathematics, German, and English

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