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Course: Children eat healthy

The fundamentals of nutrition

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP, "Sports motor fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 8



Exercise, sport and health


The aim of this course is to create awareness about the importance of balanced nutrition in the school setting. Nutrition is understood as a key area of sustainable development towards a healthy lifestyle. Basic knowledge is acquired on the basis of current nutritional science findings and nutritional recommendations in an international context. The nutritional goals of our society are discussed in an interdisciplinary context and considered holistically.

  • Importance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the human body
  • Metabolism, energy, and nutrient requirements
  • Prevention of nutrition-related diseases
  • World food supply
  • eating disorders
  • Possible solutions for the conflict situation parents - children - household
  • Self- and socially responsible living
  • Need- and demand-oriented sustainable use of resources

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