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Course: Children are a learning community

Migration pedagogy for shaping relationships and cooperative forms of work

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8

Social peace


Inclusive pedagogy


The aim of this course is to deepen theory-based reflections on the dimensions of heterogeneity and to gain extended knowledge about the learning starting points of learners. It looks at the socially acting human being in any kind of educational situation, taking into account the interaction with the ever-changing society. The cultural, social, and emotional diversity of the children is a valuable resource for their individual identity formation and communicative participation in the learning community. The aims of this course are active design possibilities of the learning space through cooperative and social dialogue promoting methods and approaches as well as the importance of transcultural relationship building.

  • School concepts and their potentials in the context of the social, emotional, and moral development of children
  • Educational equity as a requirement for school educational processes
  • Responsibility of learners for themselves and their actions
  • School cultural work for linguistic diversity in the school space
  • Learning space as diversity-friendly living space

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