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Course: Children need community

Social living space school

Admission requirements

Children live diversity

Semester: 6

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


The aim of this course is to expand the skills for the planning, implementation, and reflection of learning outcome-oriented, differentiated, and rhythmic teaching over larger time units with special consideration of social relationships and learning processes in lessons and schools. The students gain insights into the complexity of everyday school life as well as the diverse responsibilities of the teaching profession and build routines. Through the use of profession-specific communication and action strategies, the social skills of the pupils, in particular, is to be strengthened and social relationships promoted.

  • Didactically sound planning of lessons with special consideration of individual learning processes (teaching practice)
  • Medium and longer-term lesson planning (teaching practice)
  • Administrative activities as a primary school teacher (teaching practice)
  • Rhythmisation of learning processes and adaptive lesson design with special consideration of social processes (teaching practice)
  • Conflict management (teaching practice)
  • Assessment of learning levels and performance (teaching practice)
  • Theory-based reflection with special consideration of individual and joint learning processes
  • Implementation of the criteria of good lesson planning (general/inclusive and subject-related didactics) (teaching practice)
  • Specific requirements of the teaching profession
  • Stress management

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