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Course: Children are in relationship

Respectful and appreciative encounters, violence prevention, and peace education

Admission requirements


Semester: 6 - Wahlpflichtfach

Social peace


Relationship is the starting point of emotional experience, and emotions influence encounters in everyday school life. The encounter of children and teachers on an equal level supports respectful and appreciative interaction in the school community and enables the constructive handling of emotions and resulting conflicts. The "non-violent communication" and violence prevention projects promote appreciative and equal encounters.


- Concept of "Non-violent communication" according to Marshall B. Rosenberg
- Raising awareness of the five components of "Non-violent communication"
- Planning, implementation and evaluation of a class project in "Non-violent communication"
- Learning scenarios for pupil discussions, colleague discussions, and parent discussions
- Fundamentals of violence prevention (forms of violence, institution involved, school intervention, and prevention)
- Conceptual knowledge and didactic models for the implementation of the "New authority", the project "Strengthening every child", and other projects on violence prevention
- Application knowledge on the topic "Violence against children" (legal basis, institutions concerned, their responsibilities, and assistance)

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