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Course: Children sing and make music together

Social experiential spaces with music

Admission requirements

STEOP, "Musical fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 5 - Wahlpflichtfach

Social peace


Music shows itself to be an evolutionary phenomenon that connects the unconnected in a unique way. The real reason for this is that music, like no other cultural dimension, allows us to understand the fundamental structures of the human being as a highly differentiated being. Music thus constitutes a kind of dynamic unity of emotion, cognition, and socialisation. Through singing and making music in community of small and large groups and ensembles, social experience spaces in which these three dimensions can be experienced and experienced as an important contribution to social peace are created.


- The use of voice and musical instruments as personal-artistic, music-pedagogical, and social potential
- Theoretical knowledge and practical skills for choral singing and ensemble music-making in the classroom, including ensemble direction and the creation of vocal and instrumental arrangements
- Criteria for song and music selection

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