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Course: Children are culturally diverse

Culture – identity – art

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Cultural pedagogy


The children’s cultural diversity is reflected in their sensory approaches to their environment and individual design ideas. Cultural education succeeds on the basis of subject-specific scientific and subject-specific didactic knowledge in the context of heterogeneity and multilingualism. Aesthetic processes of perception and the artistic–creative confrontation with the field of delicate balance between humans/environment and nature/culture support the formation of identity.

  • The processes of individual and collective identity formation of socio-cultural contexts
  • Self-reflexive consciousness-raising for one’s self and the other in the experience of foreignness, exclusion, acceptance, tolerance, dialogue, in the “we world” of the Anthropocene
  • Perception of art and culture in the diversity of their forms of expression and modes of action
  • Inter- and transcultural concepts and methods for language sensitive support of individual design and perceptual ability in heterogeneous primary classes
  • Didactic models for cooperative forms of learning, self-directed learning, project teaching, and learning scenarios with the aim of cultural and artistic identity formation in a plurilingual context

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