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Course: Children shape peace

Strengthening social peace together

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Semester: 6 - Wahlpflichtfach

Social peace


The students play and reflect on the political simulation game "Gemeinsam. österreich regieren [Governing Austria together]" and break down the contents of the simulation game to political education at the primary level. As players, they can recognise the role of the state in this area, learn about the dynamics of the democratic political process, and feel the influence of migration-related issues on other policy areas at first hand. Students gain insights into the political processes of a democracy.


- " Gemeinsam: österreich regieren [Governing Austria together] " is an interactive, turn-based group strategy game with planning and role-playing components that leads to a common game goal - stability (system balance) and social peace (group points) - and to an individual game goal - satisfaction (individual points) -
- Although each participant pursues an individual game goal, the focus is on maintaining social peace in Austria. A point system is used to determine whether the participants (government, opposition, interest groups, media, population) succeed in securing social peace in the country through forward-looking decisions
- Perspectives (dimensions) of social peace are examined more closely in the course of the game and in its reflection: democratic values, political participation, civil society commitment; population development, integration/migration, identity; employment, income, social security
- Interrelationships of state systems and the reciprocal influences of migration on them are experienced, creatively developed, and reflected upon in the simulation game
- Possibilities for shaping society and the state and school (as a microcosm of our society) are elaborated
- Based on the intensive experience and reflection of this simulation game, contents, methods, and media for civic education for co-designing the process of social peace in the primary level are developed

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