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Course: Children discover nature in sound and vision

Acoustics – optics – media

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 8



Encounters with nature


The aim of technical education at primary level is to give pupils access to technical phenomena. The focus is on media education as well as the use of analogue and digital media and digital information technologies. The focus of this course is therefore on the physical fundamentals as well as on the critical–reflexive handling of media. A further focus is the integration of science education in real-life contexts in order to convey learned content in the context of environmental education for sustainable development in a manner that is appropriate for the primary level.

  • Sound in nature and its technical possibilities: Consolidation of basic physical knowledge in the field of acoustics; comparison of sensory organs and technical systems: Sound generation, perception, recording, and reproduction
  • Perception of nature through the media: Consolidation of the basic physical knowledge in the area of optics (optical systems and principles)
  • Photography as a medium in environmental education for communicating climate change in the Anthropocene (media–reflexive, geographical environmental education; image-related operationalisations of concepts of nature)
  • Reflexive, critical and responsible handling of information on global developments, media and digital information technologies as a starting process for perspective–networking topic generation with an ecological focus
  • Designing learning environments through the use of different media and learning platforms in lessons at the primary level
  • Consolidation of science didactics and media didactics at the primary level: Key Ideas and teaching concepts based on pupil perceptions
  • Carrying out of experiments and trials with reference to everyday phenomena and their media-didactic preparation and documentation
  • Action-oriented strategies and activities in content-integrative technology, digitalisation, and English lessons at the primary level

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