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Course: Children need role models

Pedagogy of personality development

Admission requirements


Semester: 6 - Wahlpflichtfach



The formation of the pedagogical attitude and the development of being a teacher is made possible through a critical–reflexive examination of professional knowledge, subjective (profession-related) convictions, attitudes, and values as well as through a sustainable strengthening of the personality. This course on the pedagogy of personality development aims to promote self-awareness in students through self-education and self-experience and to strengthen self-responsibility and open-mindedness for challenges in professional practice on the basis of potentials.

  • Personality development and being a teacher (including learning as a biographical process, self-concept and self-worth, the otherness of people, role theory, and group dynamics)
  • Habit of origin, habit of pupil, and habit of teacher
  • Motivation (e.g. self-regulation, needs theory, person-interaction system)
  • Values and orientations (including norms, rules, rituals and values, role models, and guiding principles as well as culture of order, negotiation, and agreement)
  • Pedagogy of mindfulness, attention, and context sensitivity
  • Diagnostic understanding: Perceiving, recognising, distinguishing, and assessing as well as making judgements
  • Development of a reflexive–researching attitude: Methods and procedures of personality development and professional and biographical research

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