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Course: Children research aesthetically

Aesthetic research

Admission requirements

STEOP, "Musical fundamentals" entrance exam

Semester: 5 - Wahlpflichtfach



In various social forms, the students conduct aesthetic–artistic research in the resonance process and can subsequently open up age- and developmentally appropriate aesthetic experiences and stimulate creative processes. They are able to develop, formulate, and discuss aesthetic-artistic and educational–scientific questions. They get to know about image representations, image productions, and image functions by way of example. An understanding of technology and materials, manual skills, and a multi-perspective view of works and products create solution-oriented standards of reference to the material world of everyday life. They can apply and communicate elementary material and musical knowledge and procedures in both - analogue and digital - form. They have at their disposal experimental, conceptual, playful, and exploratory methods of visual, musical, and performative design. They can critically engage with phenomena of visual culture, everyday culture, and different narratives with their conditions and functions. Students show sensitivity to diversity, have basic knowledge of educational diagnostics, and get to know art and cultural institutions with which they can cooperate.

  • aesthetic research as a concept of aesthetic education
  • Theses and procedures of aesthetic research in the context of educational science
  • Fields of reference: Everyday life, art, science
  • aesthetic biographies
  • Aesthetic research in different cultural fields
  • Artistic-aesthetic narratives and their subject-didactic implementation
  • Art reception and artistic–aesthetic education
  • Methods of visual, musical, and performative design
  • Opportunities for cooperation with art and cultural institutions

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