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Course: Children experience learning coaching

Observation, analysis, and support in practice

Admission requirements

STEOP, at least 100 ECTS-CP

Semester: 7

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


Learning coaching


Observation processes in various learning environments enable the development and implementation of potential and resource-oriented support in the learning fields of mathematics, German, and English. Subject-analytical and subject-didactic methods are used to determine the skills or skill levels of pupils and to plan individually adapted support measures - in the sense of both support needs and giftedness -. Practical implementation takes place in individual and group teaching situations.

  • Planning of participatory and non-participatory observation(teaching practice)
  • Indicators for the identification of potentials and barriers in the individual learning process (teaching practice)
  • Assisting and teaching activities for the practical testing of pedagogical–analytical and learning-promoting processes(teaching practice)
  • Analysis-based reflection and planning of individual support for pupils within the framework of teaching sequences(teaching practice)
  • Evaluation and assessment of participant and non-participant observation
  • Discussion of individual measures and settings for overcoming barriers and the promotion of giftedness
  • Documentation and evaluation of potential and resource-oriented support measures

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