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Course: Children need professional teachers

Acting professionally

Admission requirements

Admission to the Master’s programme

Semester: 10

Practical pedagogical studies (PPS)


The aims of this course are to consolidate role identification in the professional field and to expand professional possibilities for action. Proving oneself in the practical field of school is achieved through the theory-based analysis of pedagogical fields of action and their main actors (learners and teachers) in the professional field. The students deepen their basic reflective and evaluative attitude and implement it in teaching-related development and evaluation projects in a targeted manner.

  • Planning and implementation of subject-specific, subject-didactically, and pedagogically sound lessons in a professional-occupational context (teaching practice)
  • Systematic analysis of acting professionally (teaching practice)
  • Professional action in the delicate balance between social school requirements (teaching practice)
  • Dealing with conflicts in a professional manner (teaching practice)
  • Stress management and self-organisation (teaching practice)
  • Empirical–didactic evaluation and pedagogical reflection
  • Didactically based analysis of teaching processes

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