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Service and International Office


The International Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining international academic relationships with partner universities and schools in order to establish formal exchange agreements and ensure a smooth process for hosting and sending students and staff on exchange programmes.

The International Office is located on the 3rd floor (HOG 325) of the main building and is open to students on weekdays by appointment.  

Vice Rector for Research Coordination and Educational Cooperation:HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Windl
Centre Management International Office:Mag. Dr. Karin Wolf
Mobility Coordination International Office:Mag. Maria Vlasitz
Administrative management of the study department:

Anita Kolomaznik 

Academic Calender 2021/22

Akademischer Kalender 2020/2021
Fall-/Winter Term01. Oct. 2021 - 04. Feb. 2022Summer Term 01. Mar. - 01. July 2021
official arrival23rd. Sept. 2021official arrival23rd. Feb. 2022
Admission (compulsory)23rd. Sept. 2021Admission (compulsory)23rd. Feb. 2022
Welcome Week23rd. - 30th. Sept. 2021Welcome Week 23rd. - 26th. Feb. 2022
Examination weeks22nd. - 27th. Nov. 2022
31st. - 05th. Feb. 2022
19th. - 23rd. April 2022
Examination weeks01st - 09th. July 2022
01st. - 10th. Sept. 2022
21st - 26th. Nov. 2022

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